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Monthly Archives: August 2021

  1. How to Install A GRP Roof

    How to Install A GRP Roof

    GRP stands for glass reinforced polyester, a composite material which is created by strengthening plastic with strands of glass called fibres. GRP roofs are also sometimes referred to as fibreglass roofs and are a popular and commonly spotted type of flat roof all across the UK.

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  2. How to Insulate a Corrugated Roof

    How to Insulate a Corrugated Roof

    Metal roofing sheets are a popular and commonly spotted roofing material across the UK. Their robust structure and resilient strength make them the perfect choice for heavy duty structures, offering optimum durability and weatherproofing. Metal roofs are relatively affordable, pretty easy to install and low maintenance so are a practical choice for a multitude of building structures.

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  3. How to Hang Roof Tiles Vertically

    How to Hang Roof Tiles Vertically

    First practised throughout Kent, Surrey, and Sussex toward the end of the 17th century, vertical roof tiling has been a cladding technique utilised for hundreds of years. Although a contemporary style choice in the current building industry, originally clay plain tiles were used to enhance the weather protection of wattle and daub buildings.

    Now observed more as an eye-catching, aesthetic architectural approach, tile cladding creates a striking, contemporary look for any property. The continuation of roof tiles from the top to the front of the building produces clean, flowing lines for strong visual appeal and low maintenance structural protection.

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  4. How to Paint Roof Tiles

    How to Paint Roof Tiles

    Is your roof looking a little worn out after years of exposure to the elements? Or maybe you are just tired of staring at the same faded brown tiles and are in need of an upgrade? Whatever the reason, giving your tiles a fresh lick of paint is a fantastic way of completely transforming your roof space without the need for a full scale renovation.

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  5. How to Cut Corrugated Roofing

    How to Cut Corrugated Roofing

    Corrugated roofing sheets are available in a multitude of different material types. In this handy article, we will talk you through the cutting methods for a variety of materials to ensure you achieve a high-quality, professional looking finish for your roof.

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  6. What Are the Longest Lasting Roofing Materials?

    What Are the Longest Lasting Roofing Materials?

    When it comes to choosing the right roofing material, longevity and durability are key components that you need to consider. With such a wide range of different roofing products available on the market, it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down the search and find a long-lasting material that you can rely on.

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  7. How to Install An EPDM Roof

    How to Install An EPDM Roof

    EPDM, also known as ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a synthetic rubber material, commonly used in flat roofing construction. It is popular throughout the roofing industry for its durability, cost-effectiveness, practicality and long-lasting resilience. EPDM membranes are installable on a wide variety of buildings and can exceed an impressive lifespan of up to 50 years with correct installation and care. So, what is the correct way of installing an EPDM roof?

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  8. Warehouse Roofing Materials Guide

    Warehouse Roofing Materials Guide

    The roof of a commercial warehouse needs to be long-lasting and robust. Choosing the right industrial roofing material is vital to protect the structure and the goods stored inside. Thankfully, there are many fantastic warehouse roofing materials available today. These have been designed to offer long-term protection, even against the harshest weather conditions.

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