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Monthly Archives: January 2021

  1. How to Fix a Leaking Roof From the Inside

    How to Fix a Leaking Roof From the Inside

    If you’re wondering how to fix a leaking roof from the inside, it’s probably raining heavily, and you’ve got a dripping ceiling on your hands. Thankfully, you’ve got a few options to temporarily repair a roof leak from the inside until the weather clears and you can attempt a more permanent fix.

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  2. How to Deal with Flat Roof Leaks

    How to Deal with Flat Roof Leaks

    Flat roofs are a common sight right across the country, often found atop garages in residential areas, or large commercial and industrial structures. Choosing a flat roof has many benefits, especially if you’re looking to save time and money both during construction and maintenance. However, one issue that often plagues flat roofs is the dreaded roof leak. Flat roof leaks can happen for a multitude of reasons, that may not be immediately obvious. If your flat roof is leaking, you’ll need to carry out a thorough inspection to identify the root of the problem and get it fixed. Failing to do so quickly could lead to all sorts of issues, including flooding, rotting timbers, condensation, mould, and more.

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  3. The Most Popular DIY Tracks on Spotify Revealed

    The Most Popular DIY Tracks on Spotify Revealed

    One of the many changes 2020 brought to our lives was a massively increased interest in DIY. With so many of us stuck at home, thousands of British homeowners decided it was the perfect time to get stuck into a project – and who could blame them? But as everyone knows, no DIY project would be complete without the soundtrack. But which songs do we listen to most when we’re doing DIY? That’s exactly what we found out in our latest study.

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  4. The Top 19 Causes of Roof Leaks

    The Top 19 Causes of Roof Leaks

    A roof leak is an issue that can quickly cost homeowners plenty of their time and hard-earned cash, so it’s vital to spot the warning signs quickly and understand why roof leaks happen. While the first thing you see might be a minor drip coming from the ceiling, unwanted water ingress may have already caused significant damage to your property, which means you need to act fast to stop any issues from spreading further.

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  5. How to Convert Your Shed into an Office

    How to Convert Your Shed into an Office

    For many of us, the days of commuting to the office are behind us, especially as business owners and staff realise the many benefits of working from home. It’s cheaper, more sustainable and with the advent of Zoom you don’t even need to dial back on face-to-face time with clients or colleagues. This is why many homeowners are now looking to create a dedicated working space of their own.

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  6. How to Build a Stud Wall

    How to Build a Stud Wall

    Stud walls are a great option for those looking to create an extra room or split one room into two. In fact, stud walls are so popular, that many internal walls on the first floor of a home will be made up of studwork already. Although building a stud wall yourself may seem a little daunting, it’s well within reach with the right tools and a little know-how, even as a DIYer.

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  7. How to Lay Chipboard Flooring

    How to Lay Chipboard Flooring

    One of the UK’s staple building materials, Chipboard Sheets are incredibly popular in the world of construction, providing a high level of performance for only a fraction of the cost of wooden flooring. Manufactured from high pressure adhesively bonded wood chips and particles, it is very lightweight making it exceptionally easy to transport and handle.

    Why Use Chipboard Flooring?

    Chipboard can be used in a myriad of ways, including doors, shed roofs, work surfaces and even in furniture, but chipboard is best suited to flooring. Cheap, durable, and extremely hardwearing, it is able to handle high traffic loads making it suitable for almost any flooring application. Available in different grades, Chipboard can even be used on heavier duty industrial and commercial projects. There are even moisture resistant options available, o

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  8. Guide to Capping a Chimney

    Guide to Capping a Chimney

    Capping your chimney is a simple way to cover your chimney and protect the inside of your home from adverse weather, dirt, debris, pests, and more. Chimney caps are highly effective and can last for many years with minimal maintenance required. Due to their position at the very top of the roof, most homeowners choose to call in a professional to cap their chimney. However, capping a chimney is a very straightforward process, as long as you have the necessary equipment and feel comfortable to do so.

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  9. How Much will a Roof Replacement Cost?

    How Much will a Roof Replacement Cost?

    The thought of replacing your roof can be intimidating. It’s without a doubt one of the biggest jobs you could do on your home and will consume plenty of time and money. That’s why it’s important to break a roof replacement down into chunks, figuring out the process and cost for each element. There are many factors to consider when working out just how much a roof replacement will cost.

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