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Monthly Archives: September 2020

  1. How to Seal Stone

    How to Seal Stone

    Stone has been used as a building material by humans across the globe for millennia. Over time, the ways in which we use various types of stone has changed, what was once a necessity is now a luxury, which we use to achieve a natural aesthetic for our homes. Natural stone in all its forms possesses qualities few other materials possess. From its gorgeous appearance to longevity and durability.

    Stone does need to be cared for and maintained if you want it to look and perform at its best. The amount of maintenance necessary depends upon the type of stone used, but regular cleaning is a must for all common types such as limestone, slate, granite, marble and sandstone. One of the best ways to care for your stonework is to apply an effective stone sealant, which will weatherproof its surface for years to come.

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  2. How to Insulate a Garden Office

    How to Insulate a Garden Office

    If you’re blessed to have a large garden, you could consider a garden office. Whether you’re building a new structure or renovating your garden shed, it might just be the perfect option for you. What’s more, a garden office can be used for much more than the 9-5, as many homeowners also use theirs to hone a craft or indulge in a hobby. All whilst surrounded by the beauty of your garden.

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  3. How to Fit Fibre Cement Roof Sheets

    How to Fit Fibre Cement Roof Sheets

    Fibre cement roofing sheets, also known as fibre cement board or cement sheets, are a very reliable, versatile roofing solution. They’re especially popular for agricultural buildings but can also be used on commercial or industrial premises, as well as on residential projects. We’re proud to offer a fantastic range of fibre cement roof sheets at great prices, from leading brands such as Eternit. While all corrugated roofing sheets are prized for their simple installation process, this can differ between materials, and fibre cement is no exception.

    That’s why we’ve written this guide, to help teach you how to fit fibre cement roof sheets. With the right tools and a bit of DIY ability, it’s well within reach. Fibre cement sheets are known for their quick and easy installation thanks to the large sizes that are available, so read on and you’ll be well on your way. As always, be sure to consult the manufacturer’s guide, and don’t undertake any work you’re uncomfortable with or for which you lack the proper safety equipment.

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  4. What to Do When Hail Damages Your Roof

    What to Do When Hail Damages Your Roof

    Hail is perhaps the form of weather with the greatest destructive power, posing a danger not just from initial impact but also water ingress as the hailstones melt. Hail occurs most frequently in winter for most of the UK, but severe hailstorms can happen at any time of year. Often arriving quickly and without warning, homeowners need to be aware of the danger hail poses to their property, in particularly hail damage to the roof.

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  5. How to Waterproof a Flat Roof

    How to Waterproof a Flat Roof

    Making sure that your flat roof is fully waterproof is crucial, particularly as the wet and colder months approach. Flat roofs can be susceptible to a number of issues such as pooling water and nightmare leaks caused by adverse weather. Thanks to the leaps made in roofing technology in the last few decades, homeowners have a number of ways to waterproof a flat roof available to them. These include patch repair kits, waterproof sealants, and rubber membranes. The right solution for you will depend on your exact needs, which we’ll talk more about below.

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  6. How to Repair a Shed Roof

    How to Repair a Shed Roof

    Unlike our homes, which often receive regular care and attention, the shed tucked away at the back of your garden can often be forgotten. Left to the elements and the ravages of time, a shed’s roof can deteriorate over time. If left unrepaired, it could even become dangerous – and expensive to sort!

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  7. How to Fix a Leaking Conservatory Roof

    How to Fix a Leaking Conservatory Roof

    If you’ve got a water leak in your conservatory roof, it needs to be repaired quickly. A small drip can soon lead to much more serious and more expensive issues. The conservatory is a wonderful part of the home, where you can enjoy plenty of natural light in complete comfort. Unlike yourself however, as your conservatory roof is constantly exposed to the elements, it can often take a battering. This constant assault by mother nature can particularly affect conservatory roofs, as they are constructed from multiple sections sealed together, each presenting a potential vulnerability. This guide is going to talk about ways to diagnose and repair a leak in your conservatory roof.

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  8. How to Insulate a Garage

    How to Insulate a Garage

    As the UK property market is so uncertain right now, many homeowners are choosing to improve their current property rather than move on. This means there’s never been a better time to start work on your own home, for example refurbishing or converting your garage. Whether you’re looking to expand the amount of living space you have, or you need a dedicated home office, insulation is key to making your garage comfortable all year round.

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  9. How to Ventilate a Garage

    How to Ventilate a Garage

    Our garages are not what most of us would consider a true “room” or living space in our homes. For many UK homeowners, their garage is a glorified storage cupboard holding onto decades-old tins of paint, unused exercise equipment and old CD collections. Unfortunately, this means that they can also be melting pots for chemical fumes and warm air. With all that nasty, stagnant air around, a whole host of problems can arise.

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  10. How to Waterproof a Shed

    How to Waterproof a Shed

    Once the wetter weather hits, it’s always a scramble to make sure your house is well-protected against water ingress, leaks, damp, mould, and other issues adverse weather can cause. However, many often overlook other parts of the home, particularly garden buildings such as the shed. Our garden sheds protect a wide variety of belongings, from garden equipment and power tools to cherished mementos. That’s why it’s so vital to waterproof your shed from top to bottom, and make sure the inside is completely safe from any danger from the rain.

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