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Monthly Archives: August 2020

  1. How to Make Your House Warmer for Winter

    How to Make Your House Warmer for Winter

    Winter never seems to be too far away – whether it has just passed or fast approaching, it is a time when the temperatures outside can plummet to levels well below freezing at times, meaning it is extremely vital to keep your property as warm as possible. There can be some confusion as to how best to keep your house warm, and indeed the problems and solutions can vary from home to home. There are however some more consistently effective methods of conserving heat in the colder months that have proved popular up and down the country. This guide will take a look at some of the most effective changes you can make to your property in order to make it warmer for longer. Some are more cost-effective methods, while others may prove expensive and require a lot of work to install or apply – however, all have been proven to have a positive effect on property heat conservation, so read on to discover ideas that may well work for you.

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  2. How to Build a Shed Roof

    How to Build a Shed Roof

    Sheds are ideal for a wide range of different purposes – they’re ideal for use as storage spaces, rooms for our hobbies and more besides. They’re also relatively simple to build and maintain, making them hugely popular throughout the country. However, one of the more challenging parts of building a shed is constructing an effective roof.

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  3. Garden Office Roofing Guide

    Garden Office Roofing Guide

    For many people across the country, working from home has become the new norm. Despite the convenience and no travel, working from home can cause difficulties with lack of space and the general need to have your own peaceful area in which to concentrate. This is where a garden office can deliver the ideal solution. Not only do garden offices provide a fantastic practical purpose but can also add superb value to your home plus are not as tricky to install as you may think.

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  4. How to Stop Birds Nesting Under Roof Tiles

    How to Stop Birds Nesting Under Roof Tiles

    Wherever you live in the UK, you’re likely to see plenty of birds every day. They play a pivotal role in just about every ecosystem on the planet and come in hundreds of thousands of shapes and sizes. However, there are a number of issues that can occur when birds come into contact with humans. One problem that many homeowners will face is birds nesting on their roof, particularly under their roof tiles. This can damage not only your property’s aesthetics, but also its structure, and even damage your health.

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  5. Velux Blinds Buyer's Guide

    Velux Blinds Buyer's Guide

    Velux produce a wide range of different blinds for their line of roof windows, both flat and pitched. They come in multiple different sizes and each variety comes with several unique benefits and features. However, some of these can be very different to one another, so it’s important to look into which Velux blind may be best for your project.

    This guide will serve as a quick look into the most popular blind types offered by Velux, exploring their key features, as well as which windows they can be used alongside and more.

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  6. What Velux Flashing Do I Need?

    What Velux Flashing Do I Need?

    Choosing the right flashing is one of the most important parts of correctly fitting a roof window. Velux flashing kits are designed to provide a secure, protective seal between the window itself and your roofing material. Its main job is to prevent water, debris, insects and more from entering the more vulnerable parts of your roof space.

    Picking the right flashing for your Velux window and your roof type can be daunting, but you just need to know the answer to a few simple questions. The Velux flashing kit you’ll need depends on the pitch and material your roof is made of, whether you want a standard or recessed installation, how many windows are being fitted and any optional extras you may want.

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  7. How to Fit a Velux Window

    How to Fit a Velux Window

    Velux Roof Windows are some of the finest in the industry. Renowned for their astounding build quality, visual appeal, and innovative features. They are popular among professional builders and DIY-savvy homeowners alike, as their intuitive design makes installing a Velux window much more straightforward than much of the competition.

    Fitting a roof window yourself can be tricky, but if you plan and prepare sensibly, it’s well within reach for an experienced DIYer. We’re going to talk you through the main steps below, from seeking planning permission should you need it, right up to complete installation.

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  8. How to Build a Pitched Roof

    How to Build a Pitched Roof

    For many, the prospect of building a roof is perhaps the most daunting aspect of constructing a home. A lot depends on the quality of a roof and its construction, including protecting the home’s inhabitants from the elements, the house’s structural integrity and of course, the value of the property. This is why many leave the construction of their home’s pitched roof to the professionals. After all, building a pitched roof is a very big and important job. But by no means is building a roof impossible for a confident DIYer. It can be a lengthy process, but many would argue that accomplishing the task yourself is more than worth it. This guide will give you an insight into what goes into building a pitched roof, from the planning stages all the way up to the finishing touches. Remember to take all safety precautions possible before starting construction work of any kind, including having all necessary tools and safety equipment to hand.

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