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Monthly Archives: May 2020

  1. How to Fit Bitumen Roofing

    How to Fit Bitumen Roofing

    Bitumen is a popular roofing material that has been incorporated into a plethora of different structures for many decades now. The various properties it benefits from have led it to be widely used on sheds, garages, lean-tos and more in both rural and urban areas.

    Like any roofing option, bitumen roofs need to be installed properly in order to perform to their highest standard.

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  2. How Strong Is Polycarbonate?

    How Strong Is Polycarbonate?

    Polycarbonate is the one of the most popular roofing materials on the market today. While they’re not traditionally used on residential builds such as homes, polycarbonate roofing systems are exceedingly popular in the construction and renovation of sheds, garages and lean-tos to name a few. What’s more, statistics show that the demand for polycarbonate roofing is growing in Britain year-on-year.

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  3. How to Break in Work Boots

    How to Break in Work Boots

    Wearing the correct safety footwear is essential in workplaces such as building sites, warehouses and kitchens. Although they keep you safe, they’re not always the most comfortable to wear! Here are some top tips to stop your steel toe boots from hurting, including finding the right fit and how to wear them in.

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