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Monthly Archives: February 2020

  1. How to Cut Slate Tiles

    How to Cut Slate Tiles

    Whilst the incredible durability of slate is one of its primary advantages, it also makes slate roof tiles one of the more challenging roofing materials to work with, especially for novice DIYers. When undertaking a slate roofing project, you may find that you need to cut some of the slate tiles to size. This process is slightly trickier than cutting clay roof tiles, but it’s by no means out of reach if you’re equipped with the right tools and know-how.

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  2. Guide to the Best Garage Roofing Materials

    Guide to the Best Garage Roofing Materials

    Over 53% of homes have a garage and if you have one you will inevitably need to update your roofing material at some stage. Throughout this article we will run through the signs that your garage roof may need some care as well as the best garage roofing materials available.

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