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Monthly Archives: September 2019

  1. Use Greenhouse Polycarbonate Sheets to Extend the Growing Season

    Use Greenhouse Polycarbonate Sheets to Extend the Growing Season

    As the weather begins to get colder the growing season for many is coming to an end. But if you’re a keen grower or a budding experimentalist there’s plenty that you can still do well into the winter especially if you have a little helping hand with some greenhouse polycarbonate sheets.

    Giving your plants a little boost with the added heat and protection from a cloche, cold-frame or greenhouse will give you at least a few more months of growing! Here’s a few great ideas to help you to extend the growing season.

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  2. Why Does Roof Pitch Matter?

    Why Does Roof Pitch Matter?

    Getting the roof pitch on a building right is crucial for many reasons including health and safety but it also makes a big impact on the overall style and design of your home.

    Read on for more details on why roof pitch is so important, the main pros and cons of both pitched and flat roofs, and a quick look at the suitability of different roofing materials for low and high pitched roofs as well as flat roofs.

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  3. Stable Roofing Sheets: What Are the Best Solutions?

    Stable Roofing Sheets: What Are the Best Solutions?

    Whether you’re looking to reroof a large stable block or small tack room, the likelihood is that you require something that is easy to fit and low cost. Afterall it is essential that you minimise disruption to your beloved horses and save every penny for feed, farriers and the other costs that come with being an equestrian.

    Before you buy roofing sheets for your stable, there are several things you must consider to prevent any nightmare delays or unexpected costs.

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  4. Will Water Ruin Plywood?

    Will Water Ruin Plywood?

    Although incredibly useful and generally very durable, plywood can start to cause problems when water is added into the equation. With plywood so commonly used, it is important that you understand the effects that different conditions can have on its structure and dependability. Therefore, in this handy article we will be discussing in further depth, what does happen to plywood if it gets wet?

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  5. How to Clean Your Gutters

    How to Clean Your Gutters

    Now's a great time of year to clear out your gutters before the bad weather hits! Blocked up drains can cause a lot of damage to your home and can also lead to rodent and insect infestation.

    Act now and carry out the three simple steps in this article to clean your drains!

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