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Monthly Archives: June 2019

  1. Guide to VELUX Window Sizes

    Guide to VELUX Window Sizes

    For more than 70 years, VELUX have combined gorgeous styling and innovative technology in their range of popular roof windows. Each of these VELUX windows transform living spaces, whether it be a small entrance area or large family kitchen. Whether you’re replacing an existing roof window or introducing one for the first time, finding the perfect size for your project can be a challenge. This is especially if you’ve never shopped for a roof window before.

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  2. How to Collect Water from Your Guttering System

    How to Collect Water from Your Guttering System

    What a contrast this summer is to last! With clever weather people estimating that we had a months’ worth of rainfall in one day alone, it’s certainly a typical British summer. But it’s not all bad, without the rainfall we have we wouldn’t have the lush green country that we call home. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to save some water for the garden just in case there is a change in the weather and we still get hose pipe bans this summer after all. All those keen gardeners out there will also know that there are many plants that prefer to be fed rainwater to tap water. They prefer acidic conditions and tap water can raise the PH level of the soil, a good example of such a plant are blueberry bushes – they love rainwater!

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  3. Chimney Cowls vs Bird Guards: Which is Right for You

    Don’t know your Chimney Cowl from your Bird guard, or your Cap from your Rotorvent? If you’ve just moved to a new house or are renovating an old one you might find that you don’t have a chimney cowl - or even know what one is. But installing a chimney cowl should be a high priority, not only to maintain a healthy chimney and to make sure your fire has a good draw but also to avoid any safety issues. We’ve compiled a quick guide below on all the different types of chimney cowls there are and what they’re used for to point you in the right direction.

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  4. Can You Lay New Insulation on Top of Old Insulation?

    Do you have insulation in your loft that's not

    that effective? If this is the case, you may be considering removing

    your existing insulation and adding new insulation. If this is the case –


    In most circumstances removing your old insulation isn’t necessary, an additional layer of insulation can be laid on top!

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  5. How to Find and Fix a Roof Leak

    How to Find and Fix a Roof Leak

    Does your roof spring a leak whenever there’s heavy rain? Or do you just want to be ahead of the game, and spot roof leaks before they happen? In this mega guide to finding and fixing roof leaks, we’ll give you all the info you need to tackle this common problem all homeowners face.

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