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Monthly Archives: May 2019

  1. Composite Decking: Hollow vs. Solid

    Are you about to begin revitalising your garden but aren’t sure which is the most cost effective choice of decking? Are you looking to add an area to your pub garden for customers to congregate but aren't sure which type of decking offers the greatest level of durability? Whatever your project, sometimes it’s difficult to know which type of decking to use. After all, you must not only choose from a variety of materials but also pick from a range of styles.

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  2. How to Build a Cloche

    How to Build a Cloche

    A cloche will keep your seedlings warm for longer and help to protect them from any final frosts. Although, they are great to use the other end of the season too just as the weather begins to get Autumnal.

    A cloche is even easier to build than a cold frame and provides many of the same benefits. These include the ability to easily move it around your garden and providing a suitable growing spot for some more hardy vegetables.

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  3. How to Build a Cold Frame

    How to Build a Cold Frame

    Always wanted (or could really do with) a greenhouse but don’t have the space? A cold frame could be the perfect alternative. It won’t do everything that a greenhouse can, but you can certainly use it to harden off your seedlings in. The advantages of cold frames are that they can be easily moved. Which is very convenient if you’re planning to use it for different plants that need different growing conditions.

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  4. Garden Decking Ideas: Make the Most of the Outside This Summer

    Garden Decking Ideas: Make the Most of the Outside This Summer

    Summer is fast approaching and if it’s anything like last year we will be looking to spend a lot of time in our gardens very soon. Even if the weather isn’t scorching, getting outside as much as possible is a wonderful way to spend the day or evening.

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