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Monthly Archives: November 2018

  1. Cromapol: Everything You Need to Know

    Cromapol: Everything You Need to Know

    With November upon us, the poor weather is setting in. It’s during the final months of the year that small leaks can begin to become apparent. This is particularly the case on flat roofs, where the severely hot summer may have caused deformities to occur. Cromapol is an all-weather waterproofing solution, which is crafted from a unique acrylic formula. Unlike many other roof coatings Cromapol does not need a primer and only requires a single coat, therefore reducing the amount of labour required.

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  2. The Mega Guide to Roofing Lead

    The Mega Guide to Roofing Lead

    Whether you’re living in a graded building or new build, the likelihood is that it features lead flashings. You will typically see these around the abutment of a chimney, surrounds of a window or seams on a flat roof. Roofing lead prevents water ingress at areas which are vulnerable to water ingress, such as abutments or joints.

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