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Monthly Archives: September 2018

  1. The Mega Guide to Lead Codes

    The Mega Guide to Lead Codes

    When ordering roofing lead, you have a choice of six codes. Each are purposely designed for particular applications, ranging from flat roofs to dormers to vertical cladding. Ensuring you have the appropriate lead for your project is vital. In this mega guide we’ll be revealing which lead code is best suited for your roofing project. This includes outlining the different thicknesses and weight for each. Plus, you’ll find links to other useful information and our range of roofing lead.

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  2. The Benefits of Concrete Roof Tiles

    The Benefits of Concrete Roof Tiles

    Millions of homes across the country are adorned by concrete roof tiles, including those manufactured by Redland, Marley and Sandtoft. This is due to their proven durability and iconic profiles being a favourite amongst UK homeowners. With a wave of new synthetic roof tiles becoming available, many are torn as to which roof tile is best for their project. In this guide, we’ll be revealing the benefits of concrete roof tiles.

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  3. How Long Do Concrete Roof Tiles Last?

    How Long Do Concrete Roof Tiles Last?

    Found atop millions of properties right across the country, concrete roof tiles are a much-used, and much-trusted roofing choice for a variety of reasons. They are manufactured using a top-quality mix of sand, cement, and water which is expertly moulded under high levels of heat and pressure. This highly popular tile boasts a multitude of benefits, ranging from impressive durability and strength to a professional appearance that leaves your home looks effortlessly stylish. With many colours and profiles to choose from, concrete roof tiles give you the freedom to style your home with a design that is original for you.

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  4. How to Clean Your Polycarbonate Roof

    How to Clean Your Polycarbonate Roof

    Polycarbonate conservatory roofs are renowned for their durability. Unlike glass panels and roof tiles, polycarbonate roof panels will not chip nor crack throughout their use. You may, however, witness a build-up of dirt and severe discoloration if you fail to clean your polycarbonate sheets regularly.

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  5. Conservatory Roof Replacement: What You Need to Know

    Conservatory Roof Replacement: What You Need to Know

    Traditional conservatories required at least 75 percent of their roof and 50 percent of their walls to be constructed from transparent glazing. This would allow homeowners to attach a conservatory onto their home without having to consider nor comply with building regulations. Over the past few decades this has resulted in thousands of homeowners constructing glass or polycarbonate conservatories. Whilst they do not need to comply with building regulations, these conservatories have a tendency to become incredibly hot during the summer and cold throughout the winter.

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