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A Guide to Cedar Roof Shingles

By Roofing Megastore 2 days ago 12 Views No comments

Cedar shingles give a home a beautifully unique finish and Marley have some of the most coveted shingles available. This guide will look at exactly what shingles are and their brilliant roofing benefits.

Improve Your Homes Energy Efficiency

By Roofing Megastore 3 days ago 534 Views No comments

This week is Energy Saving Week, handily placed at the time of year when we tend to consume the most energy due to the colder weather. In this article we look at some different ways to help you save energy by taking tips from the Passivhaus design.

Lead vs Lead Alternative: Which Flashing Is Right for You

By Roofing Megastore 9 days ago 45 Views No comments

There are several materials that can be used for roof flashing, lead is by far the most common option but recently there has been a surge in the use of alternative products, read on to find out more about the different options available.

How to Add Value to Your Home

By Roofing Megastore 1 month ago 1109 Views No comments

What are you planning to do in 2020? Expand your family? Build a new home? Move to a new house? Whatever your plans, there are some simple changes that you can make to your home that you will benefit from whatever your situation.

​How Do Solar Panels Work?

By Roofing Megastore 1 month ago 545 Views No comments

Our household use of energy has a massive contribution towards the amount of emissions created, but there are renewable alternatives available, such as solar power.
This article will guide you through the process that solar panels use to create energy and will also answer some common questions.

Why Are Roofing Sheets Corrugated?

By Roofing Megastore 1 month ago 745 Views No comments

Corrugated Bitumen is the perfect roofing material for covering a shed or garden building and is chosen time and time again for it’s ease of insulation, strength and durability.

These sheets are purposely corrugated to give them several advantages over flat roofing sheets, find out more in this article.

How to Fit Corotherm Click Fit

By Roofing Megastore 1 month ago 410 Views No comments

Ariel Plastics have recently produced a brand new product – Corotherm Click Fit, find out what makes Corotherm Click Fit so fantastic and what you can use it for.

Roof Tile Ventilation

By Roofing Megastore 1 month ago 936 Views No comments

In order to avoid moisture and damp there needs to be a way for moisture to leave your roof, this is usually solved by the inclusion of roof vents or ventilation tiles when the roof is built. But if your home does not have any and you are experiencing issues with ventilation, they can also be retro fitted.

​How Do You Fit Loft Insulation Yourself

By Roofing Megastore 2 months ago 197 Views No comments

Insulating your roof space can save you up to £225 per year (according to The Energy Saving Trust) and up to 920kg of carbon dioxide too, therefore installing insulation is brilliant for both your pocket and the environment.

This guide will look at how easy the installation of blanket insulation and insulation boards can be, giving you a better idea of whether it is something that you can carry out yourself or something that you want to employ a contractor to do.

How Can I Insulate My Conservatory?

By Roofing Megastore 2 months ago 669 Views No comments

Conservatories are excellent spaces with uses that extend across the entire year, but it can often prove problematic keeping in control of their temperature. The question ‘how to best insulate a conservatory’ is one that is commonly asked across the country, and there are plenty of different answers.

This guide will hopefully help clear up some of the most widely discussed solutions to conservatory insulation problems, looking into what each option can offer you and your property, and how easy they are to acquire, install, and maintain.

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