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Glass Conservatory Roof Vs Lightweight Tiles

By George Reed 3 months ago 753 Views No comments

Glass Roof Conservatories, Do You Need One?

The answer is no, conservatories don’t have to have a glass roof. However, that then begs another question. If conservatories don’t have to have glass roofs then why do most of them have exactly those roofs?

You probably know the flaws with those types of roofs, those flaws might be why you chose to check whether conservatories were limited in their roof types.

With a glass roof, a conservatory will be too hot in the summer and almost impossible to keep warm in winter. We’d suggest there really isn’t much point getting a conservatory with a glass roof – you’ll be throwing money away on a room which is only useful as expensive extra storage.

Thankfully though, you can actually get a conservatory with a lightweight solid, tiled roof.

These roofs can either be fitted retrospectively on to existing conservatories, or installed as the roof on a new-build conservatory.

If it’s the former, fitting on to an existing conservatory, it’s a simple task. It typically takes just three days – the old roof is removed and recycled, the new roof installed and the conservatory is transformed.

Of course adding to a new build conservatory is even easier as there is no old roof to remove.

Are these roofs really so much better, though?

We believe so, customers believe so – as the testimonials and reviews testify too – and regulators think so as well.

Up until 2010 conservatories were restricted by glass roofs; that only changed thanks to the work at Tapco, Guardian, IKO and Ariel Plastics, and their belief that there had to be a better alternative – an alternative that actually worked!

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With a lightweight tile roof, you transform your conservatory into a great space, a room that looks great both inside and out. You can also buy in confidence – both knowing that there are BBA approved material for your conservatory roof, and you can get your new roof fitted in a matter of days.

If you would like further details, a chat about your requirements, or would like a quote please get in touch by calling us on 01295 565565 or click here!

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